Mifa is expanding its production capacity

In light of the growing demand for aluminium and magnesium precision profiles and the associated treatments and processes, Mifa is expanding its production capacity.

During the past couple of months, Mifa has installed a whole range of new machines. These are now fully up and running, which enables Mifa to supply its products more quickly.

In addition to this, the company started building an extension to its existing production facility in January to increase production capacity. 

New machinery and assembly plant

Mifa is investing heavily in automation technology in order to guarantee quicker delivery times. The new machinery and assembly plant will make a concrete contribution to Mifa's ambitions in the field of automation.

The new space will also enable us to accelerate logistics processes. This will help us to cut the time it takes to manufacture products and will allow us to better deliver our products to our customers.

New CNC processing machines

During the past couple of months, Mifa has purchased a whole range of new machines. The purpose of this was to reduce production times and to further expand our services.

We purchased two new CNC processing machines as an addition to our existing processing machines. These machines have a large range of up to 3000 mm lengthways and can remove metal with pinpoint precision. They are an ideal way of finalizing serial work without the risk of downtime.

New engraving-, grinding- and bending machine.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of demanding requirements are being imposed on the visual quality of a profile. This is why Mifa has invested in a belt grinder and laser engraving machine. With the belt grinder, we can process profiles to give visible profiles a modern brushed look. This is a great addition to our modern machine portfolio, especially in terms of our clients in the aircraft and automotive branches.

Thanks to the laser engraving machine, we can incorporate permanent signalling symbols, logos, or product numbers in profiles. With the new 2D bending machine, we are able to bend relatively small profiles in different radii.


“At Mifa you really have to be a team player, being flexible is certainly also important."

Rick Gellen
Area Sales Manager Benelux

"I find the applications of the products I work with very interesting."

Peter Hendriks
CNC Operator

“It feels like a second home for me here."

Zuhal Koca
Product Inspector

‘’Mijn familie was niet verrast, aangezien ik al sinds 2012 Mifa-minded was.’’

Erno Schouren
R&D Engineer