Supply Chain Planner

mifa-placeholder-for-map-01.jpg Venlo
Mifa-clock.jpg 40-hour workweek

Supply Chain Planner

The planning department is responsible for the production planning of Mifa and the entire order flow process, from order receipt to delivery to the customer. You will be working in a team of two Supply Chain Planners. You report directly to the head of the department. The primary focus of the Supply Chain Planner is to maintain the production process. The Supply Chain Planner operates as an important link between the various production departments, the Sales-Customer Service Department and the Purchasing Department. Every day, the Supply Chain Planner oversees the flow of goods between various production steps, monitors the progress of orders throughout the production process and monitors the capacity and load of various resources.

This is who you are:

mifa-shield.jpg Identifying delays/bottlenecks within the production process and taking adequate action and/or providing solutions to prevent them.
mifa-networking-01.jpg Processing forecast/production schedules in order to subsequently provide the customer service department with feedback.
mifa-grid-world.jpg Setting up the production planning and delivery times for large projects/customers.
mifa-settings-work-tool.jpg Consultation with the various production departments to take timely measures and/or provide solutions to prevent delivery problems, through the deployment of people, resources and materials.
like.jpg Adjusting the planning sequence based on priorities from the sales or production department.
mifa-work-01.jpg The administrative release of work orders and/or production steps, for example when extra production is needed due to rejection.
mifa-badge-with-a-star-01.jpg You manage the capacity of the various resources in the planning software, simulate and analyse data and actively contribute to the entire planning structure. Both at order and company level.
mifa-team-01.jpg You consult with stakeholders, both internal and external.
mifa-shield.jpg You optimise internal logistical concepts and minimise stocks, and are constantly on the lookout for ways of working smarter.

This is what you can expect from us:

mifa-coin-stack.jpg Salary in line with your function
mifa-black-plane.jpg 27 Days off
mifa-document-01.jpg Outlook for a permanent contract
mifa-open-book.jpg Together, we invest in your growth through training, coaching and education
image.png High-tech company of the future
mifa-event-01.jpg Together with your colleagues, you will celebrate your successes during parties, drinks, barbecues and other activities

About Mifa

Mifa in Venlo specialises in the production of aluminium extrusion profiles. We produce completely finished precision products with size tolerances from ± 0.02 mm.

With this accuracy, we offer our customers unprecedented possibilities. And our employees a challenging work environment. Because in order to produce extrusion profiles, you must also have the right profile. On this website you can find out if you fit in at Mifa. Read more about Mifa at


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“It feels like a second home for me here."

Zuhal Koca
Product Inspector

"Every day is a surprise to me and that is certainly a very enjoyable part of my job."

Pascal Eschweiler
Extrusion Manager

‘’Mijn familie was niet verrast, aangezien ik al sinds 2012 Mifa-minded was.’’

Erno Schouren
R&D Engineer

"I find the applications of the products I work with very interesting."

Peter Hendriks
CNC Operator

“At Mifa you really have to be a team player, being flexible is certainly also important."

Rick Gellen
Area Sales Manager Benelux