Mifa has been AS9100 certified for the aviation and aerospace industry since 2013. In order to maintain its AS9100 certification, Mifa was once again audited by Lloyds at the end of 2018. We can proudly say that we'll be certified for the next three years. With this certification, Mifa will be part of a select group of Dutch companies that are AS9100 certified.

Mifa is official sponsor of a special item of the Dutch soccer club VVV-Venlo. The eSports division team of VVV-Venlo, with Nick and Sandro Cooiman. Mifa is a high-tech company. We produce products for more than 1000 customers, including Porsche, Tesla, Airbus and Boeing. With the sponsorship of the VVV-Venlo eSports team we want to increase our brand awareness around students, youth and professionals in the area of North Limburg. Especially for them we organize Mifa Fifa tournaments/cups in the region. 

We share the main sponsorship with Rubix. Rubix is a valued supplier of Mifa.

Mifa Fifa Cups in the region
In collaboration with VVV-Venlo, Mifa wants to bring the phenomenon eSports more and professionally to the attention in the region. Together we will organize Mifa Fifa Cups at various locations in the region. During these cups, you can test your skills against the VVV-Venlo eSporters, but also against the selection players of VVV-Venlo. The first Mifa Fifa Cup takes place in the stadium of VVV-Venlo – Seacon Stadium the Koel – at the 12th of December. More information about the Mifa Fifa Cup and registration will follow soon.

The perfect match
"The choice for eSports fits in with Mifa's strategy," says Roel Sloesen, Marketing Manager at Mifa. "By sponsoring the eSporters of VVV we dare to do something entirely new in the field of sponsoring. With activities, such as Mifa Fifa Cups and the Mifa Fifa rest battle, we want to create more brand awareness for Mifa together with VVV. For example, we want the large group of eSporters

to get to know about the many opportunities to make a career at Mifa Aluminium.

Expansion eSports project
"With Rubix and Mifa we present two new main sponsors for VVV-Venlo eSports. We are proud to be able to bind these beautiful parties that offer us the opportunity to realize our goals and developments in eSports.

On the one hand, we want to support and facilitate our eSporters Sandro and Nick Cooiman as well as possible to be able to perform and on the other hand we want to connect fans to VVV-Venlo.

We expect that many fans want to join our VVV Mifa Fifa Cups where, of course, you can play FIFA against Nick and Sandro, but also against selection players who are proficient with FIFA. The first VVV-Venlo Mifa Fifa Cup takes place on December 12, 2018. Together with Mifa and Rubix, we hope for a long-term collaboration and good results and we thank them for their important contribution, involvement and enthusiasm, according to General Manager Marco Bogers of VVV-Venlo.

More information about Mifa
Mifa specialises in the extrusion of magnesium profiles and aluminium profiles. Togerther with 325 colleagues, we produce completely finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. This accuracy allows designers from companies from all over Europe to realize the optimal product to make the world cleaner, healthier or more mobile every day.

Mifa continues to grow. Last month we welcomed 17 new colleagues. 17 people with each their own knowledge, insights and motivation. We are constantly looking for colleagues who help us to improve our precision extrusion technique and to strengthen our team. Are you technically skilled and ready for a new challenge? View our vacancies here.

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Mifa has been AS9100 certified for the aviation and aerospace industry since 2013. In order to maintain its AS9100 certification, Mifa was once again audited by Lloyds at the beginning of 2016.

We can proudly say that we'll be certified for the next three years. With this certification, Mifa will be part of a select group of Dutch companies that are AS9100 certified.

The importance of AS 9100

The aviation industry places very strict quality and safety requirements on manufacturers and suppliers. Safety and reliability are of pivotal importance.

By renewing its AS9100 certificate, Mifa is able to show that its production and operating systems meet the stringent quality standards in terms of aerospace and aviation.

Specific quality criteria for the aviation industry

The quality of the surface, the strength of the material, and the weight of the precision profiles are incredibly important for the aviation industry. With our extensive range of coatings, large selection of alloys, and our light-weight profiles which boast wall thicknesses from 0.25 mm, we meet all the requirements.

It is thanks to these qualities that we have been able to work with different well-known aviation businesses worldwide for many years now.

Mifa wins the Dutch Nationale Business Succes Award. Mifa has been crowned the industry winner in the metal sector! Each year, the Dutch Nationale Business Instituut nominates the best companies in various sectors. 

Mifa specializes in fully-finished precision extrusion profiles, which opens up unprecedented opportunities to users. Precision extrusion gives designers a huge degree of freedom in their work and allows them to break free from the limitations imposed by standards.

The industry winners will be presented this Saturday at 1:55 p.m. on the Dutch television programme De Succesfactor, broadcast on channel RTL7. One winner will be selected from all industry nominees during the Nationale Business Succes Award ceremony. 

Members of the public can vote for their favourite company after the last nominee is submitted later this year. 


In light of the growing demand for aluminium and magnesium precision profiles and the associated treatments and processes, Mifa is expanding its production capacity.

During the past couple of months, Mifa has installed a whole range of new machines. These are now fully up and running, which enables Mifa to supply its products more quickly.

In addition to this, the company started building an extension to its existing production facility in January to increase production capacity. 

New machinery and assembly plant

Mifa is investing heavily in automation technology in order to guarantee quicker delivery times. The new machinery and assembly plant will make a concrete contribution to Mifa's ambitions in the field of automation.

The new space will also enable us to accelerate logistics processes. This will help us to cut the time it takes to manufacture products and will allow us to better deliver our products to our customers.

New CNC processing machines

During the past couple of months, Mifa has purchased a whole range of new machines. The purpose of this was to reduce production times and to further expand our services.

We purchased two new CNC processing machines as an addition to our existing processing machines. These machines have a large range of up to 3000 mm lengthways and can remove metal with pinpoint precision. They are an ideal way of finalizing serial work without the risk of downtime.

New engraving-, grinding- and bending machine.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of demanding requirements are being imposed on the visual quality of a profile. This is why Mifa has invested in a belt grinder and laser engraving machine. With the belt grinder, we can process profiles to give visible profiles a modern brushed look. This is a great addition to our modern machine portfolio, especially in terms of our clients in the aircraft and automotive branches.

Thanks to the laser engraving machine, we can incorporate permanent signalling symbols, logos, or product numbers in profiles. With the new 2D bending machine, we are able to bend relatively small profiles in different radii.


“It feels like a second home for me here."

Zuhal Koca
Product Inspector

"I find the applications of the products I work with very interesting."

Peter Hendriks
CNC Operator

“At Mifa you really have to be a team player, being flexible is certainly also important."

Rick Gellen
Area Sales Manager Benelux

‘’Mijn familie was niet verrast, aangezien ik al sinds 2012 Mifa-minded was.’’

Erno Schouren
R&D Engineer