Develop yourself in a high-tech environment

At Mifa you will have opportunities to develop yourself in an ambitious international high tech working environment. Career opportunities and the satisfaction of employees are important to our ambitious organization. Various employees started out at Mifa as temporary employees or via a student part-time job, or came here fresh out of university. Hassan Beksad, Ralph Schoenmakers, Rick Gellen, and Rick Voorter can tell you more about this.

If you join our team, you will be working with dedicated and motivated colleagues who work together to achieve quality and success. Taking responsibility and initiative is always appreciated. That's how we grow as a company. And that's what we're all aiming for.

At Mifa you can expect:

  • A pleasant and challenging working atmosphere in an international high-tech environment.
  • A transparent and informal business culture.
  • A job with a lot of responsibility and varying tasks, offering great career opportunities.
  • A good salary with outstanding fringe benefits.

You get plenty of opportunities at Mifa to develop your skills further, even if you're aged over 50.

Frank Snijkers
Measurer-Stretcher, Extrusion

What's kept me going here for 20 years are the challenges and opportunities that you get within the company.

Paul Jansen

At Mifa I get the opportunity and freedom to use my capabilities and to learn new things.

Hassan Beksad
Sawing and Brushing foreman

I've only just turned 26 and I'm allowed to supervise a team of eighteen people. Where else can you get such an opportunity?

Rick Voorter
Head of Shipping

It's important that you're not a lone wolf, but are able to work as a team. Together with my colleagues I can tackle everything.

Anita Winters

Mifa offers a dynamic environment. The most important skill in order to work here is flexibility.

Rick Gellen
Sales Office / MG Wheels

Making a beautiful product together with my colleagues, teamwork, and living up to a challenge - That is what Mifa means to me.

Theo Jansen
Die corrector

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