Do you think ahead and are you unafraid to show initiative?

We produce high-tech aluminium extrusion profiles. We don't mass-produce our products - we only provide custom work. Mifa profiles are produced with a fine precision and an eye for detail. You can find them in various applications all over the world, for example in the front axle of well-known motorbikes, or in the grip of baggage systems on board brand-new Airbus aeroplanes.

We supply markets with high expectations such as the automotive industry, aviation, electronics, and the medical industry. This means that Mifa employees must have a lot to offer. Aluminium precision extrusion, CNC machining, assembly, and various high-grade finishing techniques are some of the specialisms that differentiate us in the marketplace. Does this appeal to you?

We're proud of our precision expertise, our technical possibilities, and our full supply of services of extrusion, machining, finishing, and assembly, and we're looking for employees who want to share this pride with us. Are you attracted by precision, quality, and initiative? Do you see the appeal of thinking ahead about our clients' needs? And do you want to develop yourself further in the world of precision extrusion? Then contact Mifa.

What's kept me going here for 20 years are the challenges and opportunities that you get within the company.

Paul Jansen

Mifa offers a dynamic environment. The most important skill in order to work here is flexibility.

Rick Gellen
Sales Office / MG Wheels

I've only just turned 26 and I'm allowed to supervise a team of eighteen people. Where else can you get such an opportunity?

Rick Voorter
Head of Shipping

At Mifa I get the opportunity and freedom to use my capabilities and to learn new things.

Hassan Beksad
Sawing and Brushing foreman

You get plenty of opportunities at Mifa to develop your skills further, even if you're aged over 50.

Frank Snijkers
Measurer-Stretcher, Extrusion

It's important that you're not a lone wolf, but are able to work as a team. Together with my colleagues I can tackle everything.

Anita Winters

Making a beautiful product together with my colleagues, teamwork, and living up to a challenge - That is what Mifa means to me.

Theo Jansen
Die corrector

Made in Venlo (NL)