Is your profile suited to Mifa?

With more than 1000 different customers in various markets worldwide, Mifa is one of the largest aluminium extrusion companies in the world. Together with more than 350 colleagues, we work daily on countless beautiful end products that contribute to a more sustainable and safer world, among other things.

Grow with us

Mifa is growing fast. This growth makes it possible to offer you an international high-tech working environment in which you can work on challenging precision profiles. Our accuracy in precision profiles gives customers enormous freedom of form in the development of products. This freedom is reflected in the profiles of our colleagues. Because it is important that you also have the right profile.

At Mifa you get all the space and freedom you need to develop yourself. We offer courses and training programmes for this purpose. Not only Mifa grows, you can grow too. Many of our colleagues have preceded you. They started out at Mifa as graduates or weekend helpers and worked their way up to management positions.

A safe working environment for everyone

Mifa is constantly in contact with colleagues. At Mifa, it is top priority that everyone can work in both a safe and comfortable environment. In this way, we want to ensure that we create a familiar atmosphere for everyone. By continuing to talk to each other, together we ensure that we can deliver top quality for customers such as KTM, Tesla, Airbus and Siemens.

Come work at Mifa

For more than 45 years we have been able, together with our colleagues, to supply demanding markets such as the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. Naturally, we pride ourselves on our precision expertise, our technical capabilities, our one-stop-shopping service package and our craftsmanship.

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‘’Mijn familie was niet verrast, aangezien ik al sinds 2012 Mifa-minded was.’’

Erno Schouren
R&D Engineer

“At Mifa you really have to be a team player, being flexible is certainly also important."

Rick Gellen
Area Sales Manager Benelux

"I find the applications of the products I work with very interesting."

Peter Hendriks
CNC Operator

“It feels like a second home for me here."

Zuhal Koca
Product Inspector